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I found that in jqGrid plugin for JQuery I can add rows dynamically, but can I do the same with columns? If there would be a simple table I'd prefer to do this manually by hands, but jqGrid stores table information in a lot of divs.



It is not possible to add a column to the jqGrid dynamically. You have to recreate the whole grid with colModel having one column more. If you use separate colNames, then the size of the array have to be increased too. You can use GridDestroy for example to destroy the existing grid. The usage of jQuery.Remove or jQuery.Empty instead is also possible.

UPDATED: It seems to me that GridUnload is better for your porpose. I created small demo which demonstrate how one can recreate a grid. To be able to use GridUnload or GridDestroy you have to verify that you include grid.custom.js in your project (if you use developer version of the jqGrid) or you have checked "Custom" "Additinal methods" on the jqGrid download page.

UPDATED 2: One can use addColumn method which can be downloaded from here (see jQuery.jqGrid.addColumn.js). The method is still in beta phase. One can find some demos which shows how to use the method here (see addColumnX.htm examples).


just use


it will unload grid totally and will be ready to load again with new columns and data.


rownumbers: true, and rownumWidth:25(default)


You can simply set the new column model and reload the grid:

var newColModel = $("#myGrid").jqGrid("getGridParam", "colModel").concat({ /* new column attributes */ });
$("#myGrid").jqGrid("setGridParam", {colModel: newColModel}).trigger("reloadGrid");


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