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I want to send some data from one HTML page to another. I am sending the data through the query parameters like http://localhost/project/index.html?status=exist. The problem with this method is that data remains in the URL. Is there any other method to send the data across HTML pages using JavaScript or jquery.



why don't you store your values in HTML5 storage objects such as sessionStorage or localStorage, visit HTML5 Storage Doc to get more details. Using this you can store intermediate values temporarily/permanently locally and then access your values later.

To store values for a session:

sessionStorage.setItem('label', 'value')

or more permanently:

localStorage.setItem('label', 'value')

So you can store (temporarily) form data between multiple pages using HTML5 storage objects which you can even retain after reload..


I know this is an old post, but figured I'd share my two cents. @Neji is correct in that you can use sessionStorage.getItem('label'), and sessionStorage.setItem('label', 'value') (although he had the setItem parameters backwards, not a big deal). I much more prefer the following, I think it's more succinct:

var val = sessionStorage.myValue

in place of getItem and

sessionStorage.myValue = 'value'

in place of setItem.

Also, it should be noted that in order to store JavaScript objects, they must be stringified to set them, and parsed to get them, like so:

sessionStorage.myObject = JSON.stringify(myObject); //will set object to the stringified myObject
var myObject = JSON.parse(sessionStorage.myObject); //will parse JSON string back to object

The reason is that sessionStorage stores everything as a string, so if you just say sessionStorage.object = myObject all you get is [object Object], which doesn't help you too much.


possibly if you want to just transfer data to be used by JavaScript then you can use Hash Tags like this


so once when you are done retriving the data show the message and change the window.location.hash to a suitable value.. now whenever you ll refresh the page the hashtag wont be present
NOTE: when you will use this instead ot query strings the data being sent cannot be retrived/read by the server


Well, you can actually send data via JavaScript - but you should know that this is the #1 exploit source in web pages as it's XSS :)

I personally would suggest to use an HTML formular instead and modify the javascript data on the server side.

But if you want to share between two pages (I assume they are not both on localhost, because that won't make sense to share between two both-backend-driven pages) you will need to specify the CORS headers to allow the browser to send data to the whitelisted domains.

These two links might help you, it shows the example via Node backend, but you get the point how it works:

Link 1

And, of course, the CORS spec:

Link 2



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