Javascript Print iframe contents only

This is my code

var body = "dddddd"    
var script = "<script>window.print();</scr'+'ipt>";

var newWin = $("#printf")[0].contentWindow.document;;


<iframe id="printf"></iframe>

This works but it prints the parent page, how do I get it to print just the iframe?



I would not expect that to work

try instead


and use

<iframe id="printf" name="printf"></iframe>

Alternatively try good old

var newWin = window.frames["printf"];
newWin.document.write('<body onload="window.print()">dddd</body>');

if jQuery cannot hack it

Live Demo


Easy way (tested on ie7+, firefox, Chrome,safari ) would be this

//id is the  id of the iframe
function printFrame(id) {
            var frm = document.getElementById(id).contentWindow;
            frm.focus();// focus on contentWindow is needed on some ie versions
            return false;

an alternate option, which may or may not be suitable, but cleaner if it is:

If you always want to just print the iframe from the page, you can have a separate "@media print{}" stylesheet that hides everything besides the iframe. Then you can just print the page normally.


You can use this command:


This command basically is the same as window.print(), but as the window we would like to print is in the iframe, we first need to obtain an instance of that window as a javascript object.

So, in reference to that iframe, we first obtain the iframe by using it's id, and then it's contentWindow returns a window(DOM) object. So, we are able to directly use the window.print() function on this object.


I had issues with all of the above solutions in IE8, have found a decent workaround that is tested in IE 8+9, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. For my situation i needed to print a report that was generated dynamically:

// create content of iframe
var content = '<html xmlns="" lang="en" xml:lang="en">'+
'<head><link href="/css/print.css" media="all" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"></head>'+
'<body>(rest of body content)'+
'<script type="text/javascript">function printPage() { window.focus(); window.print();return; }</script>'+

Note the printPage() javascript method before the body close tag.

Next create the iframe and append it to the parent body so its contentWindow is available:

var newIframe = document.createElement('iframe');
newIframe.width = '0';
newIframe.height = '0';
newIframe.src = 'about:blank';

Next set the content:

newIframe.contentWindow.contents = content;
newIframe.src = 'javascript:window["contents"]';

Here we are setting the dynamic content variable to the iframe's window object then invoking it via the javascript: scheme.

Finally to print; focus the iframe and call the javascript printPage() function within the iframe content:

setTimeout(function() {
}, 200);

The setTimeout is not necessarily needed, however if you're loading large amounts of content i found Chrome occasionally failed to print without it so this step is recommended. The alternative is to wrap 'newIframe.contentWindow.printPage();' in a try catch and place the setTimeout wrapped version in the catch block.

Hope this helps someone as i spent a lot of time finding a solution that worked well across multiple browsers. Thanks to SpareCycles.


Instead of using setTimeout to call the printPage function use the following:

newIframe.onload = function() {

At this time, there is no need for the script tag inside the iframe. This works for me (tested in Chrome, Firefox, IE11 and node-webkit 0.12):

window.onload = function() {
    var body = 'dddddd';
    var newWin = document.getElementById('printf').contentWindow;
    newWin.document.close(); //important!
    newWin.focus(); //IE fix

<iframe id="printf"></iframe>

Thanks to all answers, save my day.


If you are setting the contents of IFrame using javascript document.write() then you must close the document by newWin.document.close(); otherwise the following code will not work and print will print the contents of whole page instead of only the IFrame contents.

var frm = document.getElementById(id).contentWindow;
frm.focus();// focus on contentWindow is needed on some ie versions

Use this code for IE9 and above:


For IE8:


I was stuck trying to implement this in typescript, all of the above would not work. I had to first cast the element in order for typescript to have access to the contentWindow.

let iframe = document.getElementById('frameId') as HTMLIFrameElement;

I am wondering what's your purpose of doing the iframe print.

I met a similar problem a moment ago: use chrome's print preview to generate a PDF file of a iframe.

Finally I solved my problem with a trick:

$('#print').click(function() {
    $('#noniframe').hide(); // hide other elements
    window.print();         // now, only the iframe left
    $('#noniframe').show(); // show other elements again.


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