Way to check if a channel exists

module.exports.run = async (bot, message, args) => {

    let ticketreason = args[1];
    let ticketname = "ticket" + ticketreason;

    message.guild.createChannel("tickets",  "category")
    message.guild.createChannel(ticketname, "text");


So I've got this very simple and basic code here. I am trying to find a way to check if a channel exists before creating it. I've attempted to search around the discord.js documentation a few times for a solution, but I've had no luck so far. I need an explanation for how I can achieve this.



You can use <Guild>.channels, which returns a collection of GuildChannels, from this collection you can use <Colection>.exists() to check if the channel already exists in the guild.

So something like this:

if (message.guild.channels.exists('name', ticketname)) { //checks if there in an item in the channels collection that corresponds with the supplied parameters, returns a boolean
    message.reply(`The ${ticketname} channel already exists in this guild.`).catch(console.error);
    return; //prevents the rest of the code from being executed

// Code that creates the channel {ticketname}...

I do it in the following way, and I go through each of the channels.

let nameOfChannel = "lista-" + message.author.username.toLowerCase();

        // Check if channel exist
        if ((message.guild.channels.cache.find(c => c.name.toLowerCase() === nameOfChannel))) {

---- code continue here----


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