How to find if an array contains a specific string in JavaScript/jQuery? [duplicate]

Can someone tell me how to detect if "specialword" appears in an array? Example:

categories: [



You really don't need jQuery for this.

var myarr = ["I", "like", "turtles"];
var arraycontainsturtles = (myarr.indexOf("turtles") > -1);

Hint: indexOf returns a number, representing the position where the specified searchvalue occurs for the first time, or -1 if it never occurs


function arrayContains(needle, arrhaystack)
    return (arrhaystack.indexOf(needle) > -1);

It's worth noting that array.indexOf(..) is not supported in IE < 9, but jQuery's indexOf(...) function will work even for those older versions.


jQuery offers $.inArray:

Note that inArray returns the index of the element found, so 0 indicates the element is the first in the array. -1 indicates the element was not found.

var categoriesPresent = ['word', 'word', 'specialword', 'word'];
var categoriesNotPresent = ['word', 'word', 'word'];

var foundPresent = $.inArray('specialword', categoriesPresent) > -1;
var foundNotPresent = $.inArray('specialword', categoriesNotPresent) > -1;

console.log(foundPresent, foundNotPresent); // true false
<script src=""></script>

Edit 3.5 years later

$.inArray is effectively a wrapper for Array.prototype.indexOf in browsers that support it (almost all of them these days), while providing a shim in those that don't. It is essentially equivalent to adding a shim to Array.prototype, which is a more idiomatic/JSish way of doing things. MDN provides such code. These days I would take this option, rather than using the jQuery wrapper.

var categoriesPresent = ['word', 'word', 'specialword', 'word'];
var categoriesNotPresent = ['word', 'word', 'word'];

var foundPresent = categoriesPresent.indexOf('specialword') > -1;
var foundNotPresent = categoriesNotPresent.indexOf('specialword') > -1;

console.log(foundPresent, foundNotPresent); // true false

Edit another 3 years later

Gosh, 6.5 years?!

The best option for this in modern Javascript is Array.prototype.includes:

var found = categories.includes('specialword');

No comparisons and no confusing -1 results. It does what we want: it returns true or false. For older browsers it's polyfillable using the code at MDN.

var categoriesPresent = ['word', 'word', 'specialword', 'word'];
var categoriesNotPresent = ['word', 'word', 'word'];

var foundPresent = categoriesPresent.includes('specialword');
var foundNotPresent = categoriesNotPresent.includes('specialword');

console.log(foundPresent, foundNotPresent); // true false


Here you go:

$.inArray('specialword', arr)

This function returns a positive integer (the array index of the given value), or -1 if the given value was not found in the array.

Live demo:

You probably want to use this like so:

if ( $.inArray('specialword', arr) > -1 ) {
    // the value is in the array

You can use a for loop:

var found = false;
for (var i = 0; i < categories.length && !found; i++) {
  if (categories[i] === "specialword") {
    found = true;

I don't like $.inArray(..), it's the kind of ugly, jQuery-ish solution that most sane people wouldn't tolerate. Here's a snippet which adds a simple contains(str) method to your arsenal:

$.fn.contains = function (target) {
  var result = null;
  $(this).each(function (index, item) {
    if (item === target) {
      result = item;
  return result ? result : false;

Similarly, you could wrap $.inArray in an extension:

$.fn.contains = function (target) {
  return ($.inArray(target, this) > -1);


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