How to expose IFrame's DOM using jQuery?

I have a prototype representing a particual IFrame. That prototype have a function called GoToUrl(...) that opens the given url within the IFrame.

My question is: How do I create an "InternalDOM" property and make this property refer to the "window" object (the root DOM object) of the IFrame inside? In such way that: If my IFrame exposes a page which has an object X in it's "window" object I could do:


Any help would be appreciated.

PS: I would accept answers not necessarily related to jQuery but I would prefer a jQuery solution.



To get the window object for a frame you can use the window.frames array:

var iframewindow= frames['iframe_name'];

This requires that you give the <iframe> an old-school name attribute instead-of-or-as-well-as the id. Alternatively if you know the order of iframes on the page you can index them numerically:

var iframewindow= frames[0];

It's generally more flexible to get the iframe window from the iframe element in the DOM, but this requires some compatibility code to cope with IE:

var iframe= document.getElementById('iframe_id');
var iframewindow= iframe.contentWindow? iframe.contentWindow : iframe.contentDocument.defaultView;

jQuery defines the contents() method to grab the document node, but it doesn't give you a cross-browser way to go from the document to the window, so you're still stuck with:

var iframe= $('#iframe_id')[0];
var iframewindow= iframe.contentWindow? iframe.contentWindow : iframe.contentDocument.defaultView;

which isn't really a big win.

(Note: be very careful using jQuery for cross-frame-scripting. Each frame needs its own copy of jQuery and methods from one frame's copy won't necessarily work on nodes from the other. Cross-frame-scripting is a topic fraught with traps.)


To sum it up

Access iframe content from parent page

var iframe = $('iframe').contents(); // iframe.find('..') ...

Access parent page content from iframe

var parent = $(window.parent.document); // parent.find('..') ...

This applies only when the parent and the iframe pages are on same domain.

EDIT: On load child iframes example:

parent html

<iframe id="iframe1" src="iframe1.html"></iframe>
<iframe id="iframe2" src="iframe2.html"></iframe>

parent js

$(function () {
    var iframe1 = null,
        iframe2 = null;

    // IE8/7
    var frameInterval = window.setInterval(function () {
        iframe1 = $('#iframe1').contents();
        iframe2 = $('#iframe2').contents();
        if ($('head', iframe1).length && $('head', iframe2).length) {
    }, 100);

    // on iframe loaded
    $('#iframe1').on('load', function (e) {
        iframe1 = $('#iframe1').contents();
    $('#iframe2').on('load', function (e) {
        iframe2 = $('#iframe2').contents();

All major browsers including IE9 work with the on('load') lines. Only IE8/7 need the interval block.


UPDATE @RoyiNamir 's comment:

var frames = window.frames || window.document.frames;

for window in a iframe.


for document in a iframe


for body in a iframe


for body in a iframe with jquery

var iframeBody = $(frames["myIframeId"].window.document).contents().find("body");

IMPORTANT: you should always check that the document is with the status "complete" for work with this

if (frames["myIframeId"].window.document.readyState=="complete")
   //perform a recursive call until it is complete


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