Two sets of parentheses after function call

I was looking how filters works in Angularjs and I saw that we need to send 2 sets of parentheses.

$filter('number')(number[, fractionSize])

What does it means and how do we handle it with JavaScript?



It means that the first function ($filter) returns another function and then that returned function is called immediately. For Example:

function add(x){
  return function(y){
    return x + y;

var addTwo = add(2);

addTwo(4) === 6; // true
add(3)(4) === 7; // true

$filter('number') returns a function that accepts two arguments, the first being required (a number) and the second one being optional (the fraction size).

It's possible to immediately call the returned function:


Alternatively, you may keep the returned function for future use:

var numberFilter = $filter('number');


It is the same as this:

var func = $filter('number');
func(number[, fractionSize]);

The $filter() function returns a pointer to another function.


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