Access PHP variable in JavaScript [duplicate]

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How to access PHP variables in JavaScript or jQuery rather than <?php echo $variable ?>

Is there any way to get access to a PHP variable in JavaScript?

I have a variable, $a, in PHP and want to get its value in a JavaScript variable.



You can't, you'll have to do something like

<script type="text/javascript">
   var php_var = "<?php echo $php_var; ?>";

You can also load it with AJAX

rhino is right, the snippet lacks of a type for the sake of brevity.

Also, note that if $php_var has quotes, it will break your script. You shall use addslashes, htmlentities or a custom function.


metrobalderas is partially right. Partially, because the PHP variable's value may contain some special characters, which are metacharacters in JavaScript. To avoid such problem, use the code below:

<script type="text/javascript">
var something=<?php echo json_encode($a); ?>;

I'm not sure how necessary this is, and it adds a call to getElementById, but if you're really keen on getting inline JavaScript out of your code, you can pass it as an HTML attribute, namely:

<span class="metadata" id="metadata-size-of-widget" title="<?php echo json_encode($size_of_widget) ?>"></span>

And then in your JavaScript:

var size_of_widget = document.getElementById("metadata-size-of-widget").title;


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