How to Find list of latitude and longitude using pincode as input

is there any way we can we find list of latitude and longitude using zip/pincode?

Input: 560103
Output : 
12.123456, 72.123456
12.123654, 72.366666
12.123456, 72.123456

on google maps, list of lat-long polygon display would be like below map.. enter image description here

Note: Output is just for references, its not correct.



Checkout Google Api

Check this out

This will give you the approx location of pincode 110029

All you have to do is parse the json end extract the coordinates


u have to install pyzipcode from Later try this code

from pyzipcode import ZipCodeDatabase
zcdb = ZipCodeDatabase()
zipcode = zcdb[54115]
print zipcode.state
print zipcode.longitude
print zipcode.latitude
print zipcode.timezone


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