Closing a window

This line is from my JSP file.

I opened this page by setting a target attribute in the <a> tag like target ="_TOP", but the code below is not working. How can I close this window?

<div><a href="JavaScript:window.close()">click</a></div>



You can only close a window with JavaScript that has been opened with JavaScript. Since you went with an HTML method, this won't work.

However, if you were to re-code so that JavaScript was opening the window instead...

<a href="myurl" onclick="'myurl'); return false;">mylink</a>

Then you could close the resulting window with JavaScript.

  1. target should be _top - this will not pop a NEW window but overwrite the current - is that what you want
  2. try this

    <a href="page.jsp" target="_blank"
    onclick="var,; return w?false:true">pop a new window</a>


<a href="page.jsp" target="mywin" 
onclick="var,; return w?false:true">pop a new window</a>

the later you can get the handle:

var w ='','mywin');
if (!w.closed) w.close()


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