How to set/change album art?

I'm building a Cordova icecast app that has chromecast support. So far I got it working thanks to a plugin that mimmicks the official Chrome api quite closely.

The thing is: I want to set the album art of the Styled Media Receiver but I can't get it to work.. Does anybode have an example of this?

My current code (snippet)

var mediaInfo = new;
mediaInfo.contentType = "audio/mpeg";
mediaInfo.metadata = new;
mediaInfo.metadata.title = station.station_name;
mediaInfo.metadata.images = [
    new chrome.cast.Image(station.station_icon), // ex:
    new chrome.cast.Image("img/web_hi_res_512_001.png") // fallback

EDIT 1: added 'new' before chrome.cast.Image(), not that it helps but this is how it's supposed to be done :)

EDIT 2: now we're on the subject of setting images using the Chrome API: how in the world can I update the image without calling loadMedia? I think that I need to use sendMessage but I don't know how to format the message. There is a page that talks about sending messages and it mentions images, but it doesn't give an example - which basically makes it useless:

PS: You can check out the project here:



Turns out that the cordova plugin I use doesn't actually do anything with the metadata I stored in the mediaInfo object. It can be a bit confusing that it mimics the Chrome API so well that you forget it's actually using the Android API to communicate with the chromecast.

So I guess I'll fork that project and try to fix it myself. Thanks for all the replies and such.


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