How to access Tumblr API Photo Data Feed (i.e. all photos, entire archive)?

I am currently developing a project in PHP that connects to Tumblr photo blogs via Tumblr API with my api-key to access posted photos in specified Tumblr photo blog.

I used the Tumblr API documentation to get started and have cross-referenced many web sites (including this one) and books, and have managed to "hack"/piece together a program that retrieves the Tumblr photos from specified blog.

I have successfully connected and retrieved photos by parsing the array with multiple foreach & if-else control-flow statements, and then placing the URLs retrieved of each photo in an array for later processing.

However, no matter which Tumblr blog I connect to and retrieve photos from, there are only 19 photos retrieved in the array of URLs for each Tumblr blog - and I would like to retrieve all of them.

I know that Tumblr loads a few images at a time, and then more pictures are loaded either by clicking "next/previous/older" and/or infinite scrolling down to load more images (especially in the archive).

Here is the example URL with api-key I use to connect to Tumblr:"

So my question(s) are:

1.) Is there way to access all the posts/photos with just one API call as per above? (I have tried to, but this retrieves nothing.)

2.) Is there any way to access the entire Tumblr photo archive?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

** UPDATE 27 / JULY / 2016 **

The following link works fine and gets 20 images from Tumblr blog photo posts: 

The following link does not work and makes the page barf and the photos to disappear: 

The PHP print()/print_r()/var_dump() output I did (to help me program) indicates that the problem is here (so how would I solve this? Do I need to do more back-end user-permission/user-token/OAuth-token/secret-token back-end PHP programming to access this possibility to get photo limit of 50 in Tumblr as per help advised by lharby(in comments) below?):

RAW JSON DATA = Array ( meta => Array ( [status] => 401 [msg] => Unauthorized ) [response] => Array ( ) 

ARRAY OF KEYS = Array ( [0] => meta [1] => response ) 

ARRAY OF VALUES = array(2) { [0]=> array(2) { ["status"]=> int(401) ["msg"]=> string(12) "Unauthorized" } [1]=> array(0) { } } 

HERE IS THE $Array0 INFO, KEY = 0 Array
HERE IS THE $ArrayResponse INFO, KEY = status401
HERE IS THE $ArrayResponse INFO, KEY = msgUnauthorized



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