how to replace all occurrence of string between two symbols?

I'm working with RegEx on Javascript and here is where I stuck.

I have a simple string like

<html><body><span style=3D"font-family:Verdana; color:#000; font-size:10pt;=
"><div><font face=3D"verdana, geneva" size=3D"2">,120</body></html>

all i need to do is write javascript which can replace all strings in with "<" and ">" symbol.

I wrote something like this -

var strReplaceAll = Body;
var intIndexOfMatch = strReplaceAll.indexOf( "<" );

while (intIndexOfMatch != -1){

    strReplaceAll = strReplaceAll.replace(/<.*>/,'')

    intIndexOfMatch = strReplaceAll.indexOf( "<" );

but the problem is if body contains -


it will give me -


only or if body contains like -


it will give me nothing please let me know how i can get-


as a final output.



Try this regex instead:




Put the html code in a string and apply to this string the regex.

var htmlCode = ...;
htmlCode = htmlCode.replace(/<[^>]+>/g, '');

The original regex take too much characters (* is a greedy operator).

Check this page about Repetition with Star and Plus, especially the part on "Watch Out for The Greediness!".

Most people new to regular expressions will attempt to use <.+>. They will be surprised when they test it on a string like This is a <EM>first</EM> test. You might expect the regex to match <EM> and when continuing after that match, </EM>.

But it does not. The regex will match <EM>first</EM>. Obviously not what we wanted.


Just use this. Replace all the occurrences with "".

See demo.


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