Disabling keys in Windows

how to disable ctrl+alt+del,alt+F4,ALT+TAB, keys using JavaScript for Windows?



You cannot disable CTRL+ALT+DELETE that is a windows special key.

You cant disable ALT+F4 or ALT+TAB as those as also special keys.

You should have no reason at all to disable those via Javascript.


You should not do that is my answer. That would definitely make me not visit that site again. Even if it's an internal site, disabling keys is a bad workaround to whatever problem you are having.


Any implementation of Javascript that allowed you to do so I would consider buggy, and might even change browsers to avoid. A website should never take over my machine like that.

There are almost no good reasons to allow web pages to do that to a user, and a whole host of evil reasons. I'll give you the benifit of the doubt that you aren't trying to do something evil, but I can't imagine what that could be.


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