window .open is not opening on page load in ie8

Hi unable to open on page load in ie8 If I use window.location its not opening in new page please help me out of this.



This is because you're running into the popup blocker. This is a Good Thing(tm) :-) You can only open popups in response to the user taking an explicit action, like clicking something (and then typically only from within the event handler itself), not on things like page load where the unwitting user could be (and historically has been) inundated with dozens of windows opening all over the place. (And even doing it in response to an explicit user action may not be allowed by some blockers.)


Are no-one seeing a big problem with running,'_blank') in the onload handler?

This is systematically a recursive function which would continue until the user manages to close the new window prior to the onload handler running.

I'm not saying that this has anything to do with the problem it might just be that IE8 is clever enough to see this..


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