how to reduce complexity in regex?

I have a regex which finds all kind of money denoted in dollars,like $290,USD240,$234.45,234.5$,234.6usd


This seems to works, but how can i avoid the complexity in my regex?



It is possible to make the regex a bit shorter by collapsing the currency indicators:
You can say USD OR $ amount instead of USD amount OR $ amount. This results in the following regex:


Im not sure if you'll find this less complex, but at least it's easier to read because it's shorter

The character set [0-9] can also be replaced by \d -- the character class which matches any digit -- making the regex even shorter.
Doing this, the regex will look as follows:



  • According to @Toto this regex would be more performant using non-capturing groups (also removed the not-necessary capture group as pointed out by @Simon M?Kenzie):

  • $.0 like amounts are not matched by the regex as @Gangnus pointed out. I updated the regex to fix this:


    Note that I changed \d+\.?\d* into ((\d+\.?\d*)|(\.\d+)): It now either matches one or more digits, optionally followed by a dot, followed by zero or more digits; OR a dot followed by one or more digits.

    Without unnecessary capturing groups and using non-capturing groups:


Try this



Reducing the complexity you are reducing the correctness. The following regex works correctly, but even it doesn't take lowcase. (but that could be managed by a key). All other current answers here simply haven't the correct substring for the decimal number.


Look here at the test results.

Make a correct line and only after that try to shorten it.


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