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I've got a table that shows details about some products, which are stored in the database. These details are Item Name, Price and submit Date.

Item Name   Price   Submitted on
Laptop       £30     12/04/10
guitar       £5      12/05/10

If I click on Laptop I want to see all details such as Title, Price, Description, Picture, Contact name and email (all details are stored in the database) in a new windows.

I don't know if a PHP function will do it or maybe I need javascript?? I look on Google but I could find anything.

I hope you undestand my question



Here is how you open a link in a new window.

<a href="detailsPage.php?itemID=1234" target="_blank">Name of your Product</a>

This doesn't really have anything to do with PHP or MySQL.

Depending on the version of (X)HTML you're using you can either set the target attribute on the link...

<a href="..." target="_blank">...</a>

...or you can use a JavaScript function that makes use of


There is no function in PHP for this as PHP runs on the server end. You would need to generate the HTML or JavaScript to do this either using the target="_blank" attribute on a link, or using JavaScript's, depending on the desired result.


You don't need java script or PHP.

This can be achieved by HTML.

<a href="xyz.php" target="_blank">Product</a>

target="_blank" is a attribute of <a> tag. Using this link can be opened in new window.


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