JQuery callback question

I'm trying to assign a different number to different callback functions in jquery.

for (i=o;i<types.length;i++) {
     $('#ajax'+types[i]+'Div').html('Loading...').load('searchAjax.php','new=u',function () { $(this).find('select').change( function() { AjaxDiv(i); } ) } );

Everytime I run this section of code, i is 5 for each call to ajaxDiv because it is calling a global variable. I'm not sure if I can either change the scope of i or if there's a way to print the value in the change function. Any ideas?

Thank you in advance! Happy Thanksgiving!




The callback functions all refer to the same i variable, and they are executed when the loop is finished.

You have to capture the i variable on the loop:

for (i=o;i<types.length;i++) {
  (function (i) {
     function () {
       $(this).find('select').change( function() { AjaxDiv(i); } )
     } );


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