setTimeout to and close, on the same window?

I'm having a little difficulty opening up windows after a period of time, and then closing them after a period of time, automatically. I'm not sure why, but it seems like when I try to use setTimeout on a and window.close they interfere somehow. Here is my code atm:

function topLeft() {

var myWindow = "image.png", "ONE", "width=300,height=310,top=100,left=100,menubar=no,toolbar=no,titlebar=no,statusbar=no";

setTimeout(function() { }, 5000);

setTimeout(function() { 
myWindow.close() }, 10000);

function start() {

window.onload = start;

Thanks for looking



Your code is just not right.

myWindow is a string variable.

You're trying to call This would generate a script error because myWindow (a string variable) does not have a window property.

Perhaps what you mean to do is this:

var myWindowURL = "image.png", myWindowName = "ONE";
var myWindowProperties  = "width=300,height=310,top=100,left=100,menubar=no,toolbar=no,titlebar=no,statusbar=no";
var openWindow;

setTimeout(function() {
    openWindow =, myWindowName, myWindowProperties); 
}, 5000);

setTimeout(function() { 
}, 10000);

Popup blockers in most popular browsers will only allow a new window to be opened if it is opened as a result of code running from a direct user action such as a click.

Because a setTimeout() happens some time in the future, is not considered the direct result of a user action so attempts to open windows from setTimeout() are likely blocked by the popup blocker.

You can, of course, disable the popup blocker in your own browser, but that is only something you can do in your own browser. You can't disable popup blocking via Javascript (as that would defeat the purpose).


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