Javascript Replace with Global not working on Caret Symbol

i have following code for replacing

 var temp =  "^hall^,^restaurant^";
 temp.replace(/^/g, '');

This does not Replace the ^ symbol from string. How can this not work?


 temp = temp.replace(/\^/g, '');

It is replacing once you escape the caret.

And note that just writing temp.replace(/\^/g, ''); doesn't update your actual string. That is the reason you have to write

 temp = temp.replace(/\^/g, '');

In RegEx, the caret symbol is a recognized as a special character. It means the beginning of a string.

Additionally, replace returns the new value, it does not perform the operation in place, youneed to create a new variable.

For your case, you have to do one of the following:

var temp =  "^hall^,^restaurant^";
var newString = temp.replace(/\^/g, ''); // Escape the caret

Or simply replace the character without using RegEx at all:

var temp =  "^hall^,^restaurant^";
while (temp.indexOf('^') >= 0) {
    temp = temp.replace('^', '');

Alternative version:

var temp =  "^hall^,^restaurant^";
var newString = temp.split('^').join('');


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