running an Executable file and then waiting for that particular exe file to no longer be running

I want to run an AHK executable and then have java wait for that executable to terminate it's own process at the end of it's script and then continue, is there a function to monitor whether or not a particular exe is running? And if it's running to wait until it has stopped?

for example in AHK you could do:

IfExist, Appname, 
insert code

I would do this project using just AHK but because AHK is so flimsy with variables and incrementing i can't get it to work it's IF and Else Statements properly

or if even possible, how can i make Java pause itself for a period of time

all im really looking for is a simple bit of code to run a .exe and the a bit fo code to wait for it to not exist



It is as simple as one line of code:

Runtime.getRuntime().exec(<insert executable file here>).waitfor();

PS: It is just one line so I didn't mind, but this is not a place to obtain full working code from others. The usual response is "look here, do it yourself", unless the OP post relevant code with a small part missing, which is not the case here.
PS2: Please consider accepting Jim's answer as it was the correct one.


You want to read up on java.lang.ProcessBuilder to launch the exe file and then java.lang.Process.waitFor() to wait until the process is complete. If you want to feed data to the process via its stdin, or read its stdout or stderr, then you have a much more complex task involving threads to handle the streams so that the process doesn't block.


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