leaflet fixed size circle on map

I am using leaflet.js to create few markers and circles. I am using the below given code to draw circles : -

 L.circle([ lat, lng ], 1000, {
            color : colorCode,
            stroke : false,
            fillColor : colorCode,
            fillOpacity : 0.7

Now if I edit this circle on UI and drag this circle vertically downwards, the circle size increases and vice a versa. Similar issue is with calling the above given method with different lat lngs. The same radius (1000) sized circle get plotted with different sizes on map.

My requirement is to place marker with same radius with same size on map everywhere.

I checked L.circleMarker but it takes radius in pixels and also circleMarkers does not scale in zoomin zoomout events. That is why I can't use circleMarkers.

I changed the crs option to 4326 but no success. I am using imageOverlay not tileset. I have created a fiddle.

Try creating a circle on top area then edit and move it downwards. It's size increases. This is what I want to stop. This will resolve the problem of generating circle of same radius via code in different area of map with same size. Please help.

Please suggest.




It looks like this is a bug deep into Leaflet 0.x: L.Circle radius computation uses hard-coded Earth projection rather than the specified CRS. Leaflet 1.0 seems to correctly check for the CRS before using the Earth-related computation.

For your case, simply overriding the faulty method seems to fix it, at least visually.

Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/88bdrzkr/13/

The "corrected" method to include in your script:

    _getLngRadius: function () {
        return this._getLatRadius();

Regarding iH8's answer, the trick to override L.CRS.Simple.scale is similar to highly zooming (the 256 factor expands the latLng to much further pixels - any high number will do). At high zoom, you are moving your circle along a very short distance, for which the latitude does not change much. So you do not see any visible difference in radius, even though the bug is still there.

Demo of using just higher zoom, no method override at all: http://jsfiddle.net/kau6g8fk/1/

For your need where the circle looks to be more like a visual aid, any of these 3 solutions is enough.

Edit: the CRS is not the issue at all.

Previous message:

If you use Leaflet for indoor mapping, as your jsFiddle suggests (or any flat type map, as opposed to the projection of a sphere like Earth on to a plane), you could simply use L.CRS.Simple


Striked out this faulty solution as pointed out by Ghybs in his answer

Very weird issue, turns out that overloading L.CRS.Simple's scale method to return 256 * Math.pow(2, zoom) fixes this. Here's a fork of your JSFiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/kau6g8fk/ I'm unsure as to the cause of this issue, it would require more research. Will do if i find the time. Found the solution here: http://codepen.io/mike_beweb/pen/BymKGe

The answer below was given before the poster edited his/her question and showed that the used CRS was L.CRS.Simple while i presumed the default CRS. I'll leave it in tact because it might come in handy for some users:

The size change on drag of your L.Circle's is because of your map's default spherical mercator projection (EPSG:3857). Best explained with an image, here's a map with a graticule overlay on every 10 degrees:

enter image description here

Demo on Plunker: Leaflet 0.7.5 EPSG:3857 Spherical

As you move further from the equator every plane becomes higher. Thus your circle automaticly becomes higher the further north/south you drag it. You could use a equirectangular projection (EPSG:4326), in which every plane has the same size regardless of the distance from the equator:

enter image description here

Demo on Plunker: Leaflet 0.7.5 EPSG:4326 Equirectangular

With equirectangle projection you won't have the problem you're having now but you'll have to change your tileset to one with EPSG:4326 projection and those are hard to come by compared to EPSG:3857 tilesets.

If you're not willing or unable to change projection another solution could be to hack around L.CircleMarker and change the radius of your markers depended on current zoomlevel. But that's rather ugly in my opinion.


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