Convert Json date to “Date” in javascript

I am using Visual Studio 2013 with C#.

I am calling one ActionResult method that returns the list of data from Ajax.

The problem here is I am getting date as "/Date(1460008501597)/".

I don't know how to convert it to display on form using javascript.

Please someone help me it's hard for me to solve.



You could use a function which return a date if the date string is in the wanted form or the value itself.

function getDateIfDate(d) {
    var m = d.match(/\/Date\((\d+)\)\//);
    return m ? (new Date(+m[1])).toLocaleDateString('en-US', {month: '2-digit', day: '2-digit', year: 'numeric'}) : d;



In pure javascript, you can do this:

var date = new Date(Number("/Date(1460008501597)/".replace(/\D/g, '')));


new Date(
        "/Date(1460008501597)/".replace(/\D/g, '') // Removes all non digit characters
    ) // Cast it to numeric
) // Creates a new Date object with the resultant number

Now, for more accurate solution for your problem, like display the date w/o javascript(which I think would be better choice), you can improve your question with more detail/information/code.


I have done it like this:(Is it ok)

function getDateIfDate(d) {
        var m = d.match(/\/Date\((\d+)\)\//);
        return (new Date(+m[1])).getMonth() + "/" + (new Date(+m[1])).getDate() + "/" + (new Date(+m[1])).getFullYear();
        //return m ? (new Date(+m[1])) : d;


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