How do I remove ONLY JavaScript comments that start with “// ”?

To clarify first, I already have a compression tool that successfully compresses EVERYTHING else so I don't need a long complicated preg_replace regex, just a simple preg_replace or str_replace rule will do.

I ONLY want to remove JavaScript comments that start with "// " (including the space so I don't erase URLs) up until the new line. THAT'S IT! Once again, I don't need to replace /* */ or any other variations as I have a script that does that already; the only thing it's missing is this one feature so I want to clean up the input with this first, then hand it over to the script.

Here are screenshots with examples of comments I would like to remove:

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

I would really appreciate help with this! :-) THANKS!



Try this code:

$re = "~\\n? */{2,} .*~"; 
$str = "text\n\n/*\ntext\n*\n    //example1\n    //example2\n\ntext\n\n//   example 3"; 
$subst = ""; 

$result = preg_replace($re, $subst, $str);

The regex matches two or more / following by a space like you asked in the question. When you replace it will erase the whole line or until the spaces and line breaks that were



I'd use a regex with the multi-lined modifier, m,


This will find any lines that start with a // regardless of the whitespace preceding it. Anything after the first // will be removed until the end of that line.

Regex101 Demo:

You should include your data in the future as a string (not image) so users can run tests on it.

PHP Usage:

echo preg_replace('/^\h*\/\/.*$/m', '', $string);

PHP Demo:


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