Search Pattern Error since Google Scripts V8 Update

Ever since google forced the update "This project is running on our new Apps Script runtime powered by Chrome V8." I'm getting the following error and I don't understand why.

"Exception: Invalid argument: searchPattern at recreateReferral(recreateReferral:82:13)"

Here is the snippet of code: Line 82 starts with newBody.

for(i = 0; i <=16; i++) {
newBody.replaceText(fields[0][i], newData[0][i]);



Possible cause(s):

  • Your original rhino script is buggy, because it doesn't check the type of the argument fields[0][i] and newData[0][i].

  • Empty string "" and null also throw this error.


  • Cast type and check length of the argument before feeding it to replaceText()


if (String(fields[0][i]).length){
  newBody.replaceText(String(fields[0][i]), String(newData[0][i]));

I figured it out. It was the empty parts of the string as someone above suggested.



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