Edit comment box script to be dynamic

in order to edit the script of facebook plugin comment box to be dynamic and displays comments related to each post separately, I've added these 2 lines of code into the script :

var related = document.getElementById('fb-related');
related.setAttribute("data-href", "articles.aspx?art_id=<%# Request.QueryString["art_id"] %>"); ... (the rest of code) </script>  

and this is the div where the comment box appear

<div id="fb-related" class="fb-comments" data-numposts="5" data-colorscheme="light"></div>

but nothing happens and the comment box doesn't appear at all ,or appears saying The comments plugin requires an href parameter. !! any help please ?

note that I'm using asp.net with C#



Put the data-href attribute in CodeBehind on the PageLoad event with C# code so when the page renders the plugin will already have a data-href


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