requirejs with angular - not resolving controller dependency with nested route

The RequireJS is not resolving dependency properly when the routes is of multiple levels as in If I just have, the controller dependency is resolved properly.

My bootstrap.js

    baseUrl : 'res/js',
    paths: {
        routeResolve: 'routeResolve',
        'domReady': 'lib/domReady',
        angular: 'lib/angular',
        angularRoute: 'lib/angular-route',
        angularResource: 'lib/angular-resource',
        angularSanitize: 'lib/angular-sanitize',
        cssPath : '../css'
    map: {
      '*': {
        css: 'lib/require-css/css.min'
    shim: {
        'angular': {'exports': 'angular'},
        'angularRoute': {deps : ['angular']},
        'angularResource': {deps : ['angular']},
        'angularSanitize': {deps : ['angular']}
    priority: ['angular']

Folder structure:

    - public
          - res
              - js
              - css

When I use this route, all the dependency modules are resolved with base url as, which does not exist in this path

If I change the route to (just one level), dependencies are resolved with this base url

There should be a configuration issue which I am missing, but I could not find a solution for this.



I created working plunker here. It is based on the answer to angular-ui-router with requirejs, lazy loading of controller. I would exepct that the issue will be related to HTML setting <base href...

There is an example of the state, which in resolve loads lazily controller via requireJS:

  .state("first", {
    url: "/firstr",
    template: "<div>The message from ctrl: {{message}}</div>",
    controller: "FirstCtrl",
    resolve: {
      loadOtherCtrl: ["$q", function($q) {
        var deferred = $q.defer();
        require(["FirstCtrl"], function() { deferred.resolve(); });
        return deferred.promise;

There is the main.js for that example:

var cfg = {

    baseUrl: "res/js/",

    // alias libraries paths
    paths: { 

        // here we define path to NAMES
        // to make controllers and their lazy-file-names independent

        "TopMenuCtrl": "Controller_TopMenu", 
        "ContentCtrl": "Controller_Content", 
        "OtherCtrl"  : "Controller_Other",  
        "FirstCtrl"  : "Controller_First",
        "app"  : "../../app",  

    deps: ['app'] 


The most important think here, because of the:

$locationProvider.html5Mode({enabled: true});

is the setting of the base in the index.html:

  var urlBase = document.location.pathname;
  document.write('<base href="'+ urlBase +'" />')

Because I need here to be sure that this will work in plunker I do generate that dynamically, but in your case it could be just <base href="/" /> or some other setting, which will "teach" all the web where to search for resources

Check it here in action. Read more here


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