I get a syntax error in IE but not in Chrome

So I have this code (a function) that works in Google Chrome/Fire Fox but not in IE. If I comment this certain line, everything runs fine, except that line is crucial.

I have this function called ReadCookie, which basically just stores the cookies into an array called cookiearray.

function ReadCookie() {

var allcookies = document.cookie; //variable called "allcookies" stores all the cookies.
cookiearray = allcookies.split(';').map(c => c.split('=')[1]); //cookiearray is an array that has all the values as strings.


IE said that the 4th line is incorrect cookiearray = allcookies.split(';').map(c => c.split('=')[1]); but I don't know why.




I believe it's an ECMA script 6 thing with the way you're using the map.

So you can write it like this instead:

cookiearray = allcookies.split(';').map(function (c) {
  return c.split('=')[1];
}); //cookiearray is an array that has all the values as strings.

Arrow functions (like c => c.split('=')[1]) are a new feature in ES6. Chrome supports them. Internet Explorer does not.


The solution I implemented was as follows

  1. goto: https://babeljs.io/repl

  2. Paste in your code and select es2015.

  3. In your new code paste the following, if you are using forEach (which is again not supported in IE) :

    if (window.NodeList && !NodeList.prototype.forEach) { NodeList.prototype.forEach = Array.prototype.forEach; }

  4. Use indexOf instead of includes


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