Create function to add such that add(1,2)(3,…k)(1,2,3)…(n) should sum all numbers [duplicate]

I have been looking for a way to create an 'add' function such that :

add(1,2) //returns 1+2= 3
add(1)(2,3)(4) // returns 10
add(1)(2,3)(4)(5,6)(7,8,9) //returns 45

I am able to create add method if I know the number of arguments we have, for e.g.:

const add5 = a => b => c => d => e => a+b+c+d+e;

So, if I used add5(1)(2)(3)(4)(5), this will give me the expected output.

But the problem is how to tackle the problem if we have to return sum of 'N' parameters.




It's not possible in the general case unless toString coercion is allowed on the result of calling add (or unless the number of calls is known in advance):

function add( {
  let count = 0;
  // return a callable function which, when coerced to a string,
  // returns the closure's `count`:
  function internalAdd( {
    count += next.reduce((a, b) => a + b, 0);
    return internalAdd;
  internalAdd.toString = () => count;
  return internalAdd(;

console.log('' + add(1,2)) //returns 1+2= 3
console.log('' + add(1)(2,3)(4)) // returns 10
console.log('' + add(1)(2,3)(4)(5,6)(7,8,9)) //returns 45


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