How to detect change of window hash?

How can you detect a window.location.hash onchange, for example I could do this:

   // ajax stuff
   // nothing, no hash has been changed (without any window reload)

If I change the hash, e.g. edits and change the hash by pressing enter after editing nothing happens, only on a window reload will detect a change in the hash.



Ben Alman's hashchange jQuery plugin provides the ability to monitor the hash for changes.


Most recent browsers (FF3.6+, IE8, Chrome) support the "hashchange" event on the window object - see MDC: window.onhashchange for usage examples. Simple asynchronous listening might look like:

window.onhashchange = function() {
   // do something awesome here

If you want an implementation that supports older browsers, things get complicated quite quickly, and I recommend using someone else's library or plugin - see answers to this question for several suggestions.


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