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I am having an issue which I cannot find documented anywhere, i see a regex method however that is using a direct string rather than string within a variable. This is my code:

var src = getQueryVariable("srcStr");

            if(src != false){
              .html().replace(/src/g, "<span style='background-color:#f2e128;'>" 
              + src + "</span>"));


This gets a url variable (srcStr) and searches a body of text within .entry-content for the string stored in the var src.

The problem code is here: replace(/src/g

Is there a solution?



You are searching for the pattern that is literally "src." You need to use the RegExp class if you want to use variables in patterns:

pattern = new RegExp(src, 'g');
$(".entry-content")...html().replace(pattern, replacement);


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