Jqgrid showing page 1 of 0 on empty

I have a question, when the grid is empty why does it show Page 1 of 0 can't it be Page 1 of 1 or something more reasonable?

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My code

var xml=client.responseText;
         var xmlDoc = $.parseXML(xml); 
         var $xml = $(xml);

         xml=xml.replace(/<productId>1/g, "<productId>"+productMap['1']);
         xml=xml.replace(/<productId>2/g, "<productId>"+productMap['2']);
         xml=xml.replace(/<productId>3/g, "<productId>"+productMap['3']);

            $('#configDiv').html(  '<div id="configDetailsGrid" width="100%"><table id="list1" width="100%"></table><div id="gridpager"></div></div>');

            //var grid = jQuery("#list1");
            //var iconAlert;

            var getColumnIndexByName = function (grid, columnName) {
                var cm = grid.jqGrid('getGridParam', 'colModel'), i = 0, l = cm.length;
                for (; i < l; i += 1) {
                    if (cm[i].name === columnName) {
                        return i; // return the index
                return -1;
            grid = jQuery("#list1"),
            iconAlert = '<span class="ui-state-error" style="border:0"><span class="ui-icon ui-icon-alert" style="float: left; margin-right: .3em;"></span></span>';

              datastr : xml,
              datatype: 'xmlstring',
              //datatype: 'clientside',
              colNames:['cfgId','Name', 'Host','Operating System', 'Description','Product', 'Type', 'Last Updated Time','Last Updated By','',''],
                  {name:'cfgId',index:'cfgId', width:90, align:"left", hidden:true},
                  //{name:'updateDate',index:'updateDate', width:12, align:'center', /*formatter: oldConfigurationWarning*/ },
                  {name:'cfgName',index:'cfgName', width:70, align:"left", formatter: 'showlink', formatoptions: {baseLinkUrl: '#'} },
                  {name:'hostname',index:'hostname', width:70, align:"left"},
                  {name:'osname',index:'osname', width:90, align:"left"},
                  {name:'cfgDesc',index:'cfgDesc', width:90, align:"left"},
                  {name:'productId',index:'productId', width:40, align:"left"},
                  {name:'cfgType',index:'cfgType', width:50, align:"left"},
                  {name:'updateDate',index:'updateDate',sorttype:'Date', width:120, align:"left"},
                  {name:'emailAddress',index:'emailAddress', width:120, align:"left"},
                  {name:'absolutePath',index:'absolutePath', width:90, align:"left", hidden:true},
                  {name:'fileName',index:'fileName', width:90, align:"left", hidden:true}
              pager : '#gridpager',
              height: 'auto',
              emptyrecords: 'No configurations loaded',
              viewrecords: true,
              gridview: true,
              multiselect: true,
              xmlReader: {
                  root : "list",
                  row: "Response",
                  userdata: "userdata",
                  repeatitems: false

              loadComplete: function () {
                    var count = grid.jqGrid('getGridParam');
                    var ts = grid[0];
                    if (ts.p.reccount === 0) {
                    } else {

                    //for showlink and icon alert having date difference more than 90 days
                    var iRow, row, trClasses, $cell,
                    icfgName = getColumnIndexByName(grid, 'cfgName'),
                    iupdateDate = getColumnIndexByName(grid, 'updateDate'),
                    mygrid = grid[0],
                    rows = mygrid.rows,
                    cRows = rows.length,
                    myLink = function (e) {
                        var $td = $(e.target).closest('td'),
                            text = $td.text(),
                            $tr = $td.closest('tr'),
                            rowid = $tr[0].id;
                for (iRow = 0; iRow < cRows; iRow += 1) {
                    row = rows[iRow]; // row.id is the rowid
                    trClasses = row.className.split(' ');
                    if ($.inArray('jqgrow', trClasses) > 0) {
                        // the row is a standard row (only if subGrid:true are used)
                        var cellvalue1,firstDate,secondDate;
                        $cell = $(row.cells[icfgName]);
                        firstDate = new Date();
                        //console.info(cellvalue1+", "+cellvalue1.length);
                        //var cellvalue1="08-18-2011 11:49:01";
                            secondDate=new Date();
                            //secondDate = secondDate.substring(0, secondDate.length-3);


                            secondDate = cellvalue1.substring(0, cellvalue1.length-6);

              onSelectRow: function(id,status){


            var myGrid = $("#list1");

            // place div with empty message insde of bdiv


            $("#list1").sortGrid('updateDate', false, 'desc');

My Xmldata (when empty)

<message>No configurations loaded</message>


I updated accordingly but no still no luck, I still get the same old Page 1 of 0

 xmlReader: {
                  /*root : "list",
                  row: "Response",*/
                  userdata: "userdata",
                  repeatitems: false

my jquery.jqGrid.min.js file changes

if(locdata) {
            ts.p.records = gl;
            //Change after 1 of 0 (Oleg)ts.p.lastpage = Math.ceil(gl/ rn);
            ts.p.lastpage = Math.max(ts.p.page,Math.ceil(gl/ rn)); //line no 1181

my response

  <message>No configurations loaded</message>

Update, something usefull

If we reload the grid it solves the problem too




I don't see that the XML data corresponds to xmlReader which you use. Probably you should switch the values of root and row properties:

xmlReader: {
    root : "list",
    row: "Response",
    userdata: "userdata",
    repeatitems: false

Additionally the input XML data contain no page, total and records properties. In case of usage of any other datatype as 'xml' or 'xmlstring' you can define page, total and records as functions inside of jsonReader. The xmlReader parameter don't support it.

Currently you don't define page, total and records properties. So the default values are used: page: "rows>page", total: "rows>total", records: "rows>records".

The bug which I described in the answer and in the bug report is still not fixed in the code of jqGrid 4.2.0. So your current data will display "1 of NaN" before you apply the fix.

After all you can consider to change the line 1193 of the jqGrid code

ts.p.lastpage = Math.ceil(gl/ rn);

to have other value in the lastpage.

UPDATED: I suggest that you modify the line ts.p.lastpage = Math.ceil(gl/ rn); of the jqGrid code to ts.p.lastpage = Math.max(ts.p.page,Math.ceil(gl/ rn));.

In the case if your input data will contain no <page> element or if it contains <Response><page>1</page>... you will see 1 of 1. If your XML data will contain <Response><page>0</page>... you will see 0 of 0.


I can't see any positive effect to Oleg's latest update and the use of max(), because in my use context, the code doesn't go through this part. However, there is another instance of ts.p.lastpage = ... in the source code.

ts.p.lastpage = lp === undefined? 1 : lp;

to be replaced with:

ts.p.lastpage = lp === undefined || lp === 0 ? 1 : lp;

That worked for me.


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