Dynamics 356 v9 - use executionContext.getFormContext() with HTML web resource

Any ideas how we can we use executionContext.getFormContext() with an HTML web resource? only method that seems to work is parent.Xrm.Page which is now deprecated.



We are still using parent.Xrm.Page and parent.Xrm.Utility, since the replacement is not yet announced.

You should plan to use the new client APIs mentioned in the Replacement Client API column instead of the deprecated ones. The deprecated client APIs will continue to be available and supported until they are officially removed from a future major release of Dynamics 365.

Deprecated Client API:

Replacement Client API:

Earlier: An HTML web resource may interact with the Xrm.Page or Xrm.Utility objects within the form by using parent.Xrm.Page or parent.Xrm.Utility.
Now: parent.Xrm.* will work if the HTML web resource is loaded in a form container. For other places, such as loading an HTML web resource as part of the SiteMap, parent.Xrm.* won’t work.


Latest MS documentation says:

Although Xrm.Page is deprecated, parent.Xrm.Page will continue to work in case of HTML web resources embedded in forms as this is the only way to access the form context from the HTML web resource.


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