Audio manipulation using node.js

My team has been using the Web Audio API/Getusermedia in a product and we are going really well with our chrome and firefox users. But we still have a large base of users that we would love to reach, but due to technology barriers, we still can't (mostly, those are IE users), as their main browser does not support the technology, and they do not or can not change to a modern browser.

We are planning to get to those users, but we don't want to go to Flash, Flex, Silverlight or anything similar.

So, thinking about solutions, I thought that maybe I could pass by this difficulty if I moved the audio manipulation, from the browser to the server. NodeJS was the first answer when trying to figure out how to do it.

Would it be possible to be done using NodeJS? Are there any libraries available that would help us accomplish this? Are there any other technologies that would allow me to do this?

Thanks anyone that could help.



You can try using this (is in development):

Node Web Audio API


npm install web-audio-api


node test/manual-testing/AudioContext-sound-output.js

It could easily be done. Node is simply an IO engine designed for rapid response. If it needs to happen in real time then I imagine latency would be a usability-breaking issue due to networking restraints. If it doesn't, then I think it would be a great solution! :)

Either way here are a couple related resources <- latency optimization library intended for work with media streams an upcoming conference (Jan 2015) dedicated to the types of problems you are dealing with. A few web libraries for use with audio. #3 and #4 look like they are related to what you are trying to do


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