Detect redirect in iFrame

I may be asking the wrong question here so I will provide a small amount of detail about what I am trying to accomplish.

I use a third party web app to track support tickets. They provide the code for a form that my users fill out and it submits to their domain. I want to use this form on two different domains, but unfortunately the third party uses a single, hard coded redirect value. This causes one of my sites to switch domains after submission.

I was thinking I could embed their form in an iFrame, detect the redirection on successful form submission and instead redirect to one of my own pages.


if (redirect == 'xyz.html') {  
     //do my own redirection in main window.

So back to my original question - how can I detect the redirection in the iframe?



You could try

    //The iframe has loaded or reloaded. 

to detect the frame loading and refreshing

and if the redirect happens on the second load

//var to count times iframe has loaded
var timesRefreshed = 0;

//detect iframe loading/refreshing

    //if second refresh, change frame src - ie dont count first load
    if(timesRefreshed == 1){
        $(this).attr("src","my site url here");

    //add to times resreshed counter


if there are more stages just change the x to the amount of stages

if(timesRefreshed == x)

this isnt full proof. ie if could break if the other site adds a stage etc but its the best i can think of if you dont have any control over the other site.


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