Object: Deep omit

Is there a way to use _.omit on nested object properties?

I want this to happen:

schema = {
  firstName: {
    type: String
  secret: {
    type: String,
    optional: true,
    private: true

schema = _.nestedOmit(schema, 'private');

// Should Log
// {
//   firstName: {
//     type: String
//   },
//   secret: {
//     type: String,
//     optional: true
//   }
// }

_.nestedOmit obviously doesn't exist and just _.omit doesn't affect nested properties, but it should be clear what I'm looking for.

It also doesn't have to be underscore, but in my experience it often just makes things shorter and clearer.



You could create a nestedOmit mixin that would traverse the object to remove the unwanted key. Something like

    nestedOmit: function(obj, iteratee, context) {
        // basic _.omit on the current object
        var r = _.omit(obj, iteratee, context);

        //transform the children objects
        _.each(r, function(val, key) {
            if (typeof(val) === "object")
                r[key] = _.nestedOmit(val, iteratee, context);

        return r;

and a demo http://jsfiddle.net/nikoshr/fez3eyw8/1/


Detailed solution of this issue is posted in another thread. Please have a look at the below thread

Link - Cleaning Unwanted Fields From GraphQL Responses


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