jQuery selector for inputs with square brackets in the name attribute

I'm trying to select this element which has square brackets in the name attribute:

<input type="text" name="inputName[]" value="someValue">

I've tried this (which doesn't work):


and neither does this:


or this:


EDIT: As some of you have pointed out, $('input[inputName=someValue]') would never work. What I was trying to do was: $('input[name=inputName][value=someValue]'). (But with [] in the name attribute).



Per the jQuery documentation, try this:


[EDIT] However, I'm not sure that's the right syntax for your selector. You probably want:


You can use backslash to quote "funny" characters in your jQuery selectors:


For attribute values, you can use quotes:


Now, I'm a little confused by your example; what exactly does your HTML look like? Where does the string "inputName" show up, in particular?

edit fixed bogosity; thanks @Dancrumb


The attribute selector syntax is [name=value] where name is the attribute name and value is the attribute value.

So if you want to select all input elements with the attribute name having the value inputName[]:


And if you want to check for two attributes (here: name and value):


If the selector is contained within a variable, the code below may be helpful:

selector_name = $this.attr('name');
//selector_name = users[0][first:name]

escaped_selector_name = selector_name.replace(/(:|\.|\[|\])/g,'\\$1');
//escaped_selector_name = users\\[0\\]\\[first\\:name\\]

In this case we prefix all special characters with double backslash.


Just separate it with different quotes:

<input name="myName[1][data]" value="myValue">


var value = $('input[name="myName[1][data]"]').val();


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